A 'Water for Life' Project was completed recently. This involved digging 40 shallow water wells in Masagua. In 2011 we plan to dig 80 similar wells and two deeper wells under another scheme to deliver potable water to a central location in an area of need. This Project is led by Mr. Shahid Malik of Virginia, who has successfully carried other 'Water for Life' Projects for Humanity First in Africa.

A third General Surgery Project, for which a feasibility study was completed in Guatemala in 2010, is planned for 2011 and will be led by Dr. Aga Shahid, a leading neurosurgeon in Baltimore who has already been doing similar work in Ghana for the last many years.

A dental mission feasibility study team is due to arrive in Guatemala early 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry from NY. They hope to start an annual dental mission in 2011.

A computer lab project team is being put together. This is in its early stages but Humanity First has carried out similar work previously in other countries and the plan is to collaborate with Guatemala Schools where such facilities may not be available.

The Disaster relief work is an ongoing service that Humanity First gets involved with as and when needed. Last year HF Guatemala met the immediate needs of a few hundred people who were affected by Agatha.